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org.byteml.serialize.ByteMLBuilder Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

Document parseClass (String filename) throws ByteMLException

Static Public Member Functions

void transform (Document doc, OutputStream out) throws IOException, ByteMLException

Detailed Description

ByteML Builder class for building ByteML documents.
Karthik Kumar.

Member Function Documentation

Document org.byteml.serialize.ByteMLBuilder.parseClass String  filename  )  throws ByteMLException

Parse the class file given as input and generate the XML Document class.

filename Filename of the .class file.
Returns the XML Document.
ByteMLException Thrown in case of any error encountered while parsing class file to a XML file.

void org.byteml.serialize.ByteMLBuilder.transform Document  doc,
OutputStream  out
throws IOException, ByteMLException [static]

Customer Transformer to tranform a XML Docuemnt to OutputStream using SAX Doc. Handlers.

doc Document
out OutputStream to be written to.
IOException Thrown in case of a tranformation error.
ByteMLException Thrown in case of a transformer config. error.

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